Water ‘n Poo

Today I’ll be setting up to pump effluent onto some recently grazed pastures. Every time I do this task I can’t get one song out of my head it’s Will Gilmer’s Water ‘n Poo. This song has been around for a while but I think it still remains on of the most endearing examples of a farmer telling his story.

While we apply our effluent through a piped irrigation system and Will uses a tractor and cart the objective is the same, reused the nutrients and prevent them causing any damage to the environment.

Another great example of promoting positive agricultural practices in social media is this commercial made by the UK processor Yeo Valley.

Yep at Montrose Dairy were always looking after the environment, maybe we are not quite as buff as the Yeo Valley crowd and our moo’s live out in pasture all the time.

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3 Responses to Water ‘n Poo

  1. Jude says:

    Hilarious!!! Didn’t know you could sing!
    Wouldn’t want to be too close while that is being sprayed!

  2. Jude says:

    Just realised that was Will and not you!! Think a version from you would be great!!

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