More than cows, grass & milk

There is a lot more to our farm than cows and green grass! Around 25% of the land we manage isn’t used for agriculture. Like most dairy farms we have extensive plantings of native vegetation and wetlands.

We have recently been watching a pair of Fantails built a nest and raise their young. Unfortunately one of the parents was killed by a feral cat. We’re hoping the remaining parent can raise the three babies on her own.  

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2 Responses to More than cows, grass & milk

  1. Fiona Schreuder says:

    They are brilliant photos- worthy of the National Geographic! Please let us know how the little ones fare.

  2. Lovely, Graham. I heard a feral cat meowing on our verandah in the wee hours last night and shuddered to think what it was eating. We have all sorts of gorgeous finches and honeyeaters here. For goodness’ sake people – neuter your cats.

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