Grazing under the stars.

One of the many fringe benefits of living in the country is the night sky we get to enjoy. For several weeks now the evening sky has been dominated by Jupiter setting in the west.  This is tonight’s display for our cows to enjoy.

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6 Responses to Grazing under the stars.

  1. Fiona Schreuder says:

    What an amazing photo- and you can see the Southern Cross there as well. Sadly we don’t get to see the stars like that where we are.

  2. Rosemary swart says:

    Great photo

  3. Julie Iommi says:

    Graeme – I love star gazing and this photo is fantastic. We managed to peer at Mars this weekend from the city – how lucky you are to have such a backdrop to your work – pretty much every day!!!!

    • hoddlecows says:

      Have you tried Google Sky App Julie, it’s great for star gazing. I find it much more usable than any star charts I have used and it’s always in my pocket.

      • julie iommi says:

        Hi Graeme, we used pocket universe – an iPhone app – we look like idiots stumbling ariound the park near home in the city trying to hear what it shouts out for each star and constellation! I have a monthly chart calendar, which isn’t much help at all!! Great fun though:)

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