Weather obsessions

Heifers grazing a pasture that would have been cut for silage if the weather was a bit more conducive to silage making.

It’s easy as a farmer to become obsessed with the weather. At times, I even envy those who have careers which are not so dependent on the weather. I’d love to be able to enjoy a cold, rainy winters day without out thinking of the implication to our farm. I do my best to enjoy whatever is served up on the weather front. Like so many others I’ve got to admit it I’m a little obsessed with the weather. I’ve got my fair share of weather apps on the phone and ‘just a few’ weather sites bookmarked.

Normally at this stage of the season silage is underway in our district, this year things are a little different.  Spring is definitely in the air and our pastures are beginning to really put on some growth but the ground is still too wet to be trafficked by harvesting equipment. This creates some challenges…

Like so many other farmers, my weather obsession reaches new levels during harvest season.

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