Record heatwave matched and more to come

Record heatwave matched and more to come

March 10, 2013 from The AgeheatwaveWe always expect a bit of early autumn hot weather, like usual when the weather turns hot my thoughts turn to cow comfort. Keeping our cows cool is a priority, while most of our paddocks have shade, during periods of continual heat it’s important there’s plenty of shade available for the entire herd. Shady milkersWe also provide our milkers with a cold shower at the dairy to cool them down.IMG_20130116_171529[1]IMG_0215xraw

Ongoing hot weather creates a few other challenges for us. Ryegrass pastures shut down and stop growing when the temperature hits 30°C.  Most of our pastures are hardly growing but they are still looking healthy and strong ready to bounce away when the elusive autumn break arrives.



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