Why we plant trees

We are often asked by visitors and others why we plant trees on our farm.  Shade and shelter for our cows, biodiversity and habitat for native species and creating a great place to live and work are the reasons we plant trees.

When we head out to plant we say “We are off to go tree planting”.  It is not only trees that are planted however.  We plant trees, shrubs & grasses that are local to our area.

IMG_1326 adjustedMelaleuca ericifolia ready to plant

It is extremely rewarding to watch as the trees grow up and the landscape around us changes.  It is especially satisfying to see our animals rewarded with shade on hot days and shelter on cold & windy days.

Each year we prepare new sites for planting, replace trees & shrubs that have died and manage weeds in our existing treed areas.

IMG_4449A two year old plantation along a creek line

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2 Responses to Why we plant trees

  1. I appreciate you for putting this out there for everyone. There needs to be a great deal of this type message about such efforts put out there to snuff out all the negative spewing by the hands of fanatics.

  2. Great post Graeme another resource for the Archibull Prize

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