Checking in on the BIG boys

Some of our bull calves all grown up

I enjoy checking in on cattle after I have sold them to other farms, it’s good to see how they have grown up and how they are going with their new owner. Recently I went to see how some of our 2012 bull calves are going and how they have grown up.

Each year we rear lots of calves at Montrose Dairy, the heifers are kept to grow up and join our dairy or beef herd and the bull calves are sold when they are 6-10 months old.


The dairy bred bull calves grow up more ‘leggy’ than traditional bred beef cattle and are slower to fill out but given the right conditions they are great at converting feed to body weight.

IMG_1870Some of our dairy cows are joined to Angus and Angus/Simmental bulls most of these calves come out black, they grow up looking like big, long legged Angus cattle.

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2 Responses to Checking in on the BIG boys

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Graeme and Gill,

    I’m trying to learn about the ins and outs of dairy farming, so I’ve got a few questions. Any info would be awesome.

    Do you hand rear your calves away from the herd? Or just let them feed off their mother?

    From my understanding, hand rearing is to ensure survival and also maximum levels of milk being extracted from the mother. Is that correct?



  2. Pasture Road says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I love pictures of cows!

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