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Grazing under the stars.

One of the many fringe benefits of living in the country is the night sky we get to enjoy. For several weeks now the evening sky has been dominated by Jupiter setting in the west.  This is tonight’s display for our cows … Continue reading

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Getting a grip on Dairy farm GHG emmisions

In 2010 we undertook our first analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from our dairy farm. To do this we used the industry developed tool DGAS. DGAS software is intended to give the user an understanding of the greenhouse gases emitted … Continue reading

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Checking up on Soil Carbon

Last year we offered up some soil from one of our paddocks as part of a national research project.  Scientists who are part of The Victorian Soil Carbon Project came one rainy day to take the samples. The project’s aim … Continue reading

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We are all in this together-Weed control

At this time of the year, every year we spend a lot of time controlling weeds. If left unchecked our pastures would become full of unpalatable and unproductive plants and our tree plantings would be overrun by these exotic invaders. The … Continue reading

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Summer mornings

I don’t know how many times I have had the conservation. ‘You’re a dairy farmer, all those wet cold early mornings, that must be tough.’ I won’t deny some mornings I’d rather stay in bed. But, l’m a dairy farmer … Continue reading

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More than cows, grass & milk

There is a lot more to our farm than cows and green grass! Around 25% of the land we manage isn’t used for agriculture. Like most dairy farms we have extensive plantings of native vegetation and wetlands. We have recently been … Continue reading

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Dairy farmers have reduce methane emissions by 28% since 1980

As a farmer sometimes it feels like non farmers think of us as slow country folk who still farm as our forefathers did or profit driven, chemical lovin, nutters who care for nothing but our back pocket. The reality for … Continue reading

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