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Water ‘n Poo

Today I’ll be setting up to pump effluent onto some recently grazed pastures. Every time I do this task I can’t get one song out of my head it’s Will Gilmer’s Water ‘n Poo. This song has been around for … Continue reading

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Too much of a good thing

We are currently suffering from a pleasant dilemma for pasture based dairy farmers. Too much grass. No I’m not complaining, I’d hate this to be seen as another ‘whingeing farmer’ story. The fantastic late spring pasture growth of this year on top of a great … Continue reading

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Variety is the spice of life

Sometimes life on the farm can feel a little like groundhog day, each day blends into the last. But more often the variety of task to be attend to means each day is different and the saying ‘variety is the … Continue reading

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In comes the silage.

 Perfect weather today to begin collecting silage and stacking it into our silage pit.  Our farm is hardly the bucolic scene it may appear in this photo. Six tractors, a self propelled harvester, an excavator, a couple of tip trucks … Continue reading

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Harvest 2011 is under way at Montrose Dairy

 With black clouds looming our 2011 silage harvest is under way.

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Our Magic Day has arrived??

  Our “Magic Day” has arrived, well I think it has.  The magic day for pasture based dairy farmers is the day in spring when the grass starts grow faster than the cows can eat it (growth is in excess … Continue reading

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Technology assists with pasture management

For years I have toyed with the idea of an automatic gate opener to let the milking cows out of their paddock to walk home to the dairy for milking time. I have even in the past tried leaving an … Continue reading

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