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Birds and biodiversity

I’ve got to admit somewhere deep inside me there is some sort of twitcher hiding. (A twitcher is a type of birder who seeks to add as many species as possible to their life list, often without detailed or long-term observation of … Continue reading

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Checking in on the BIG boys

I enjoy checking in on cattle after I have sold them to other farms, it’s good to see how they have grown up and how they are going with their new owner. Recently I went to see how some of … Continue reading

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A single gram of farming soil will contain more than 10,000 different species of micro-organisms.

Look after the soil physical and chemical properties and the soil biology will look after itself. That was the key message I took from a recent soil biology forum I attended. “The diversity of micro-organisms in soils is far larger … Continue reading

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Busy season.

It’s a busy time of the year at Montrose Dairy, like most dairy farms in our district it’s calving season. I haven’t had much time for blogging of late, I’ve been flat out looking after our stock.  We are enduring our … Continue reading

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Montrose Garden Harvest

Autumn is always a productive time in our home garden with lots of produce ripening, jam and sauces to make, fruits to preserve and even the odd sweet treat of toffee apples make with fresh new season apples.

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Stony Creek Rodeo

We are not really a rodeo type of family but a local footy club put a on a rodeo last weekend so we went along for a look. The night drew a huge crowd but I think we remain ‘not … Continue reading

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Mid summer hay

Hay season is normally done and dusted by Christmas in our region but this is the second year in a row we have cut hay in mid January. Good summer rains have resulted in more pastures than our cattle can … Continue reading

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Christmas @ Montrose Dairy

Jess the dog and a few of the girls from Montrose Dairy getting into the Christmas spirit. With a bit of help from JibJab.

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Dairy farmers have reduce methane emissions by 28% since 1980

As a farmer sometimes it feels like non farmers think of us as slow country folk who still farm as our forefathers did or profit driven, chemical lovin, nutters who care for nothing but our back pocket. The reality for … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Pines

Pine and cypress trees in our region seem to have had a tough season, lots of dead and dying rows of trees can be seen on many farms. We have dead and dying pines on all corners of the farm. … Continue reading

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