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Another perspective

We’ve got a great local vet practice, never too far away if we really need them. But finding vets willing to work with large animals is always a challenge. Large animal veterinary work can be a physically demanding and the appeal of … Continue reading

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Time for some track maintenance

We have recently been doing some track repairs, replacing culverts after our very wet winter.  So far this year we have had 1300 mm of rainfall,  this makes 2011 the wettest we have farmed through, and one of the wettest … Continue reading

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Pseudo-science: a threat to agriculture

There is a regular flow of salespeople driving the roads calling in on farmers selling products which will ‘increase farm production by 20%’ or ‘improve soils’. Some of the products on offer are backed by quality research and many are … Continue reading


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One load of rubbish grain caused so many problems.

Managing a any farm is a challenge at times, keeping the feed up to the cows on a pasture based dairy can be a huge challenge.  We don’t have the feed our cows are going to eat next week, it’s … Continue reading

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