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Pea Souper at Montrose Dairy

A foggy morning to finish off a soggy Autumn.

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Autumn sets in

The weather for the last 6 months here at Hoddle has been fantastic for growing grass with a very mild summer and just enough rain to keep the grass ticking along.  With the deciduous trees losing their leaves and a … Continue reading

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Summer mornings

I don’t know how many times I have had the conservation. ‘You’re a dairy farmer, all those wet cold early mornings, that must be tough.’ I won’t deny some mornings I’d rather stay in bed. But, l’m a dairy farmer … Continue reading

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Mid summer hay

Hay season is normally done and dusted by Christmas in our region but this is the second year in a row we have cut hay in mid January. Good summer rains have resulted in more pastures than our cattle can … Continue reading

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Christmas Storms

 Santa delivered some welcome summer rains last night with 16mm falling during an impressive lightening display.

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Too much of a good thing

We are currently suffering from a pleasant dilemma for pasture based dairy farmers. Too much grass. No I’m not complaining, I’d hate this to be seen as another ‘whingeing farmer’ story. The fantastic late spring pasture growth of this year on top of a great … Continue reading

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Here comes a storm

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Glad to see the end of 2011 calving

Nine weeks since the start of our 2011 calving season and we can see the end of what has been a very tiring calving period. We aim to calve the entire herd down in 7 weeks but this year we … Continue reading

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Reports of winters demise are greatly exaggerated

 The first week of August was unseasonably warm and sunny, no complaints about  that! Our cows and pastures needed just that. The warm weather has one word on everyone’s lips……SPRING. South Gippsland is infamous for it’s weather and welcoming spring in early August when … Continue reading

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