Winter morning

Ahhh winter sun

Most of the photos on this site are Graeme’s with the odd one from Gillian.

In 2009 I (Graeme) was fortunate to be awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. Keen to capture the experience of 4 months travelling the globe I was inspired to get back into photography.

Since 2009 I’ve had photos published in various places and have developed a significant portfolio of agricultural photographs.

Please enjoy the photos on this site, if you wish to purchase or require images for commercial purposes contact us at

Here’s a few from the first few weeks of my Nuffield travels.

Many of the photos on this site are taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. For a compact camera with a big zoom this little camera can produce some great images.

My other camera is the Canon EOS 60D.

Most of the images on this site are straight from the camera, in order to get posts onto the site I rarely spend the time to ‘photoshop’ or tweek images for this blog.

2 Responses to Photos

  1. Lesley Given says:

    You are certainly in a lovely part of the country. I have read all about your dairying operation with interest. You do not mention, however, what happens to the calves that are a by-product of your farm. Can you please let me know what happens to them. I don’t know if you have seen the youtube clip of a calf being killed with a hammer in Chile. If you have, I am sure you will understand why this particular aspect of dairy farming has become a matter of great concern to many of us. Thank you in anticipation
    Kind regards
    Lesley Given

    • hoddlecows says:

      Hi Lesley,
      I’ve recently posted a post explaining what happens to our calves. I trust this post helps you understand we don’t see our bull calves as by-products of our farm.
      Regards Graeme

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