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Milk advertising has been in the media of late. It is great to see some quality milk advertising.

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This soil is alive!

There is little doubt healthy soil is critical to a productive farm. Once you ask the question what constitutes a healthy soil and what is the best way to build soil health the debate begins. Soil health has become a … Continue reading

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Christmas Storms

 Santa delivered some welcome summer rains last night with 16mm falling during an impressive lightening display.

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Herd test time again!

One of those farm chores that seem to come around all to quickly is herd test. Eight times a year we collect a sample of every cow in the herd to help us understand more about the milk every cow … Continue reading

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Great Swiss milk add

Great series of adds produced by Swiss milk, they have been making them for years. milk boosts your day The collection can be found at http://www.swissmilk.ch

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