Kimchi for cows

Fermented foods seem to be all the rage at the moment. Our cows, like so many other20180227_115755-011750847233.jpeg cows around Australia, have been on the fermented food bandwagon for years. At this time of the year as our pasture dries off and growth slows we often supplement their diet with silage. Silage is fermented pasture harvested in the spring when we have excess pasture growth, the spring pasture is fermented in large stacks so our cows can have a taste of lush spring grass whenever we don’t have green grass on hand.

0203-2018-050071104888287431903355252.jpegThe cows seem to love tucking into their on-trend’ fermented diet.

0203-2018-061373040514712741462755829.jpegWho knows whats next?  The girls might be getting around wearing yoga pants sipping on kombucha.


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