Farm Day

Farm Day is on Sunday!  We are looking forward to meeting the city family we will host for the day at Montrose.

We have taken part in Farm Day for several years and really enjoy helping an interested city family understand what goes on behind the fences of a modern farm.

In the past, many city dwellers had an immediate family member in the country who they visited regularly to experience life on the land.  With farmer numbers declining this is not so common now.

We enjoy the questions, squeals of delight and watching the kids run through the grass (often mud!) or interact with our animals.  It is always interesting to find out what was expected and what surprises the visiting family about our farm – the latter is often about the technology we use or how similar the family we host is to our family!

884 aka ‘Old Mama’ has been welcoming Farm Day visitors to our farm for the last 5 years. She has been feeling a little down in the ears this week with a case of mastitis. Hoping she is back in good form to welcome this years visitors on Sunday.

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