Straight into summer

There is often a lot of tractor work to be done on our dairy through spring. Silage to be harvested, pasture renovation work, summer crops to sow and all this tractor work is usually wrapped up with the end of the hay harvest which we usually do in the first few weeks of summer.  Not that there ever is a typical season, this spring has proven to be a very unusual one for us and many others in our district.  Within a month we have gone from being too wet to get machinery onto the paddocks to hay harvest done and dusted.Knocking down silageThis November we harvested the smallest silage crop we have done in 12 years. (With plenty of fodder reserves on hand and the silage/hay season looking very late we made the decision back in September not to chase fodder this year.) Harvesting silageTwo weeks after our silage was harvested the season had turned dry and we were able to get our hay in, all done by late November!Sowing chicory It hasn’t been the best start for my first foray into chicory either. We were delayed sowing the crop by the very wet early spring, it’s up and looking good now though.

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