Agriculture and biodiversity cohabitate at Montrose Dairy.

Over the last few weeks we have had a black shouldered kite and a white faced heron feeding out our kitchen window.

Bushy tail possumProductive agriculture and biodiversity cohabitate at Montrose Dairy.  Providing habitat for native wildlife is something we really enjoy, with lots of dams and treed areas, there is plenty of space for reptiles, mammals and birds as well as our cows.turtle on grass

It is not uncommon for us to hear and see koalas.  Once we were having breakfast only to look out the window and see a koala casually wandering down the garden path, through our garden gate and off towards nearby trees.

Long necked turtle in one of our damsdam

Long necked turtle in one of our dams

Montrose is visited by echidnas, possums, wallabies, many frog species, lizards, snakes, wedge tailed eagles, turtles and much more.  We have put together a list to help us track what species visit us here on the farm – to date we have counted 133 different native creatures!

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2 Responses to Agriculture and biodiversity cohabitate at Montrose Dairy.

  1. Congratulations on making your home such a lovely place – for humans and animals alike. Love the dear little face of that turtle!

    • hoddlecows says:

      Thanks Marian. Like most aspects of farming there is a lot more we would like to do, improving the habitat for native critters on our farm is a very rewarding task though.

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