Glad to see the end of 2011 calving

Nine weeks since the start of our 2011 calving season and we can see the end of what has been a very tiring calving period.

We aim to calve the entire herd down in 7 weeks but this year we had 25 cows due during weeks 8-9.  Ultra sound pregnancy test carried earlier this year show the last few cows we have to calve should have calves on the ground within the next week.

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2 Responses to Glad to see the end of 2011 calving

  1. Congrats! Will you be celebrating or just going to bed early for a big sleep ;)?

    Because we’re shifting our calving period by two months, we’re enduring a six-month calving this year – from April to the first week of October. And what a year to do it! I’m green with envy.

    • hoddlecows says:

      Yes there is a bottle of bubbles ready to go.
      We are also moving our calving, we have been moving earlier for a few years, this year we didn’t change start date just focused on the tail. Joining starts in a couple of days!

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