Nuffield Scholarships offer a chance of a life time.

Nuffield Australia scholarships applications are now open for 2013. I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship in 2010. It was an incredible year of learning and I made many life long friendships.

Any Australian primary producer should consider the opportunity, check out the Nuffield Australia web site. Nuffield scholarships are also available in New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

The Nuffield Australia web site has a great list of scholar’s blogs.  While these blogs are fantastic for a bit of armchair traveling they are also a great opportunity to learn from the scholar’s experiences.

The video above is mainly a collection of a few of my experiences during my Nuffield travels with Middle East, Paris & Mongolian contributions from Christine Ferguson, Asparagus from Balls and Future leader from Rowan Paulet.

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