Back on the horse

The motivation to get back on the horse, blow the dust off & start blogging again came from a recent trip to Melbourne. I go to Melbourne often for meetings and usually enjoy the contrast of the city, to life on the farm.  This visit was different, it was a weekend off in the big smoke, a few nice meals and a slower pace to my normal city visits.

A few things struck me eating out at places like Supernormal & Manchester Press;

  1. There appears to be a shortage of chairs in Melbourne, stools seem to be all the go and lining up in the street before you are seated on your stool is not uncommon.
  2. The disconnect between food producers and food consumers continues to grow.

My first point may just say I need to get out more often and my second point is no new revelation.

I am concerned that in an environment where a sector of our society and media is obsessed with gourmet food and engaging with a very small number of boutique producers, the vast majority of Australia’s farmers who produce amazing, safe and clean food and feed the nation are increasingly disconnected with consumers.  Yes this is nothing new and something the Australian agricultural sector often discusses, but it was my reminder of why I started

Sun breaking through this morning after a few days of rain. is all about life on our dairy farm and how we go about producing food & caring for the environment. So follow, Like our facebook page  and follow @Hoddlecows on twitter learn about how we do things at Montrose Dairy.






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