Early ANZAC morning.

Early ANZAC morning.

This morning I milked the cows as many Australians gathered for dawn services to  remember and reflect. I always find ANZAC morning particularly poignant, in the quiet of predawn (as I collect the cows for milking) the gravity of what happened on this day in 1915 in some ways seems greater.

April the 25th is an occasion of national remembrance, ANZAC Day is a time when we reflect on the many different meanings of war and remember of all Australians & New Zealanders who have served in military operations.

ANZAC Day at Fish Creek

ANZAC Day at Fish Creek

For many farmers the passing of ANZAC day is also a measure of time and the season.  In our region it is often said if we don’t get good rains by ANZAC day we’ll have a challenge getting enough pasture to get through the winter and new pastures planted after today will struggle through the winter.

Newly sow pastures

Newly sow pastures

Some of the pastures we have sown this autumn are booming along considering how dry we have had it and some are really struggling, fingers crossed for a good rain.

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2 Responses to ANZAC Day

  1. That paddock looks fantastic, congratulations, Graeme. Yes, ANZAC Day felt especially poignant for me this year as I looked at my toddler son and thought of my grandfather, who carried water at Gallipoli. With all my heart, I hope my little man never has to experience anything so horrific.

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